About Us

My Baby's Name Is was created in 2014 in London, UK
by designer Szymon Klos, with the loving support of his wife Halina
& inspired by their daughter Matylda.

"As new parents, we were drawn to the safety & functionality of using sleeping bags for our baby, 

but when it came to buying one for Matylda, we couldn't actually find any we liked!
We spent ages looking for a sleeping bag that we would happily use ourselves
(well, a much larger version, obviously) & nothing ticked all the boxes.
As a product designer with many years experience designing for the luxury industry
in London & around the world, I knew I could create the sleeping bags we were looking for.
So in the end I decided to design them myself!"

Our sleeping bags combine a considered design approach 

with environmental material sourcing & manufacturing quality.
We believe that Your Baby deserves the very best designed products as much as You do,
and that good design means as little design as possible.

Knowing that bright, beautiful colours will stimulate Your Baby's development
we researched and custom developed all of our high-quality fabric colours.
We then focused on designing a collection of simple, honest & functional sleeping bags,
to create space for Your Baby's healthy development & self-expression.

We believe that the most important thing for You right now is Your Baby.

That's why My Baby's Name Is Your Baby's Name.